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Towards the end of our meal, we discovered a cigarette butt from the dish of fishes cooked. Immediately my brother notified the stall attendant (skinny female, long hair tied into a ponytail) and she came over to our table, picked up the cigarette butt, returned to the stall and told the chef on duty about the incident before trashing the cigarette butt. After which she asked my brother ‘你要怎么样’ (what do you want?) and simply sat down at a table in front of the stall. The chef then came over and spoke to us admitting that it was his responsibility but he has no idea how the cigarette butt ended up in our dish.

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Top Zhi Char Restaurants In Singapore – Best Zi Char Places

Zhi Char (aka Zi Char, Cze Char, Tse Char or 煮炒) is basically a Chinese food stall with the capability to whip up a huge variety of a la carte dishes on demand! They usually start small in coffee shops and slowly grow (if they are good) to become the anchor tenant or even command the entire space. Besides the usual atas restaurants and cafes, Singaporeans also love to gather and feast with beer at popular Zhi Char joints.

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