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For the record, my friends and I were approached by 2 individuals, Mr Chan Wai Meng and MK Chin of Boss Singapore Pte Ltd and Cuffz Holdings Pte Ltd respectively on 12 May 2012 to contract a fix deposit with them for a maturity term of 3 years. Hence, we headed down to their offices at then 52 Boat Quay and were given assurances by the companies that Mr MK Chin and Chan Wai Meng were their staffs and that proper licensing was being obtained by a Mr Harold Fook who is an assistant director of MAS and the chairman of some government internet regulatory in addition to hailing from Young PAP. But in March last year, we were informed by fellow victims that the companies have absconded with our monies to reopen new branches in Indonesia and Philippines.

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Coma patient wakes up to turn off YPAP video playing on smartphone

A patient who was under constant watch for the past six months in Singapore General Hospital woke up from his coma and proceeded to walk across his hospital room. His revival shocked his family members who were too stunned to react initially, as they watched him approach his sister, who was using her smartphone to play the five-minute YPAP video that has been panned for being robotic, and turning off its volume. Cha See Lang, the man who awoke from his coma, was reportedly heard saying by his family members: “Diam lah.”

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