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Tan Chuan-Jin: Help build a Singapore you can be proud of

"No society is perfect, including ours. However, I see a lot of heart and soul in our people. In all of you here," he said in a National Day Observance speech to fellow colleagues, friends and family at the MOM Services Centre on Monday afternoon. "We shouldn't short-change ourselves. I know many are not happy with things as they are, but many step forward to do something about it and not just run things down," he added.

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YOUR VIEW: Promote pink NRIC as benefit for Singaporeans

With the celebrations of National Day 2013 having come and gone, it is fitting to ask what can be done to further encourage Singapore citizenry and nation building during other times of the year. One suggestion that may help galvanise Singaporeans is by promoting the pink NRIC (National Registration Identity Card) as an icon of citizenry through the media and the arts. The pink NRIC is after all a key document that readily identifies a person as being Singaporean. However, this icon should not be relegated to mere imagery.

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YOUR VIEW: ‘Is Singapore my home, daddy?’

For every Singaporean worker that leaves, three foreigners come in to take his place. PMET positions, mind you. Not low-level positions.The whole mix in my company is around 30% local and 70% foreigner. Many Singaporeans I see are becoming desperate now. The only job they can do is to drive taxis, be hawkers, small-time push cart business owners. What about the jobs that are related to our education we spent almost17-20 years to get? They're all being snapped up by the so-called foreign "talents". "Talents" because they are not talents at all! They have totally unrelated educational background or working experience -- they do not know the terms and lingo in related fields. Some of them even have fake certificates.

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