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Leave it to the secular mass media to employ all manner of underhanded, unscrupulous tactics to try to drag even what is holy and good through the mud. Yahoo News has seized upon just one standalone line in the pastoral letter to create a sensationalist headline, which as we speak has already been celebrated by those seeking to attack the Church at every opportunity as 'evidence' of the Church's supposed admission of error in its teachings on this subject.

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Yahoo Mail accounts breached with stolen passwords

Yahoo alerted users of its free email service on Thursday that hackers slipped into accounts to loot information using stolen passwords. The California company did not disclose the extent of the breach, but said that it is asking those affected to change their passwords.

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Singapore government controls civil society too much: activists

The Singapore government’s tight grip over civil society is stifling its growth, according to activists that took part in a panel discussion on the issue on Wednesday. Speaking on the role of civil society in Singapore, Siew Kum Hong, vice-president of human rights advocacy group MARUAH, said that the People Action Party government’s stance that civil society must be “something to be chosen or not chosen, something to be approved or disapproved, something to be controlled” lay at the core of the matter.

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