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Minister surprises web with swift action on ‘archaic’ NEA rule

Goh said he spoke to some people in the industry and found out that the rule came about because in the 1970s and 80s, the government did not want people to sell “restaurant type” food in hawker centres to ensure that they would not charge “restaurant type” prices. This was done to keep food affordable for the masses.

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Conservationists find Marine Life Park partnership with Conservation International puzzling

When Resorts World Sentosa (RWS)’s Marine Life Park (MLP) in Singapore announced a new partnership it is undertaking with non-profit environmental organisation Conservation International (CI), the news raised a few eyebrows among conservationists in Singapore. According to an announcement by the two parties, the partnership will “allow collaboration on important marine issues in Singapore”, and will last for five years.

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Why the COE and ERP show no love for the common man

New policies should be designed with delicate consideration to public sentiment on top of economic efficiency. For instance, if Vehicle Quotas have already been set, it might be worthwhile to consider reigning in some control of price rather than let the market decide. Afterall, the market will always work in the rich man's favour. When one pays so much for a car, it is difficult to brush away feelings of anger whenever one is faced with traffic congestion.

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LTA announces shorter three-month COE recycling periods, COE quotas also set to drop

Certificate of Entitlement (COE) quotas will be announced every three months instead of six, said the Land Transport Authority on Monday.This was done with the aim of making the supply of COEs more responsive to the market and de-registrations, it said. It had contemplated quarterly-recycling periods as early as 2010, but felt that such a change would be too drastic.

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Can -- and should -- the internet be tamed in Singapore?

The government and mainstream media sometimes seem fixated with what happens online. Perhaps seeing it as a threat to their monopoly on power and narrative, they are eager to paint the online community as the “Wild Wild West” where battles have to be fought. Creative acronyms like DRUMS (Distortions, Rumours, Untruths, Misinformation and Smears) are created to depict the Internet as a place of irresponsible trouble-makers. Everyone who isn’t with them is, apparently, a troll.

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