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Cab Drivers And PHV Drivers Report Drop In Earnings, Any Help For Them?

However, what is less spoken about is the impact that the virus has on taxi drivers and private hire drivers. With number of confirmed cases increasing, and cases of local transmission being confirmed, less and less people are going to expose themselves to unnecessary interaction with strangers. Thus, people would choose to stay home and indoors, rather than travel out. And even if they travel out, most would most likely arrange for their own transportation, with people they know and trust.

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MSM News Reports That PRCs Are Buying Masks In SG To Send Back To Their Home

A report on the government mouthpiece paper, The Straits Times, said that some Chinese nationals who are living in Singapore are buying masks to bring or send back to their hometowns in China, as apparently, there are shortages arising from the Wuhan virus there. The report, which came out about a week ago, seem more apt now that Singapore is facing 4 new cases where the virus was locally transmitted.

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