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Singapore’s Economy Already In Recession, Covid19 Just A Convenient Excuse

Singapore's economic depression over the past decade is a symptom not the disease. More importantly, Singaporeans must be wide eye to know that the recession in 2020 is not caused by the COVID-19 disease. The COVID-19 disease merely hastened the coming of a recession in Singapore. If and when the COVID-19 disease become pandemic and caused a global recession, Singapore's recession in 2020 will become more severe.

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Lawrence Wong Not Clear In His Statement About Quarantine Allowance, Now Says People Are Spreading Fake News

If Lawrence Wong's speech on the Wuhan virus was to be scrutinized, nowhere in the interview did he said that the $100 allowance is not intended for the tourists. However, he did say clearly that it will be given to those who are in quarantine, presumably including the tourists who are in quarantine. After all, how can Singaporeans be expected to read his mind, or indeed, how can Singaporeans even be expected to remember what the allowance was like back during the SARS virus.

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$100 A Day Given To Quarantined For Wuhan Virus, Necessary Or Overkill?

Many Singaporeans are now asking whether this figure is an overkill for the government, as the money used will obviously be out of the tax payers pockets. While it makes sense for the self-employed to be compensated for being quarantined, especially the taxi drivers, delivery riders or any others whose income depends on how they go out and carry out their jobs, does it make sense for the those who are salaried employees to be compensated? While it can be argued that their employers would lose working hours due to those quarantined, is the $100 a day figure too high?

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