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PRC Man Smokes Openly in Outram MRT Station

I’ve been using the MRT since 1990. This is the first time I seen someone smoke in an MRT station on 7 Jun’14, 7.18pm The smoker is a PRC worker, I could tell from his accent. He appeared to be somewhat intoxicated also as he walked at times unsteadily. He lit up his cigarette after some disagreement with another PRC worker.

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The irony is, after having years of daily interactions with the malay workers, I found that most malays, at least among those thousands that i know of, have very high-aiming wants, but does not have the same level of drive to turn them into reality. Those in my companies keep brochures of Ducati motorcycles, they often discuss which one they will buy....or say which house(ruko) in which district they hope to move into in the future...but after years of working they are still in the same position, refusing to accept higher post that comes with more burden( and also much more pay ).

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