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How can a husband and wife build a resilient family if they can no longer emotionally connect with each other or their children? If family ties are weak, the members may choose to abandon ship in difficult times instead of trying to resolve the issues. The following initiatives will create the right environment for families to flourish: pay equality, flexible work arrangements, sufficient paternity leave, a tobacco ban, responsible drinking, protected family time, enshrined work-life balance, social safety nets, appropriate academic competition, and more elderly-care support.

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75-year-old cleaner: I work because I have no choice

“I have to continue to work while my body allows me to, or else, when my body fails me, who can I turn to for help?”, she responded. Unfortunately, Mdm Feng is single and has a mute sister as her only kin. She needs to work; she has to work. At 75, frail and weak, I wonder how long her runway will extend before the grave calls. Does she literally have to work to her grave?

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