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There're quite a few defects (lift, lighting, litter, leaking, safety issues) around the matured vicinity and i'll normally use the iTown@SG app to capture a pic and report the issue to AMK TC. Their replies via the app are always lightning fast, often with a template reply, then they'll close the incident report marked as completed w/o any further updates. Well, as you expected, defects aren't rectified after days or even weeks have passed despite repeated reports via the app. It seems the app is purely a tool for them to hit their KPI by closing incident reports w/o rectifying them. Even the upgrading project done by contractors was sub-par but somehow, AMK TC could choose to close eyes in clearing their works. Have you ever seen APCC coating at void deck with multiple hair-line cracks on the surface but workers using cement to do patch works all over the place? From far, it'd seem like a masterpiece artwork from a 3 y-o child. Painting-wise, pretty much substandard too with poor texture & fonts. We didn't even get to choose the colour schemes too which I was told that it's a compulsory practice for contractors to hold a voting exercise. If you own a construction firm, it's best to bid for upgrading projects under them as i'm confident that their staff are super lenient & red-tapes can be bypassed.

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