Woman Cut Hand Badly While Trying Out Jewel's Canopy Park

Woman Injured Hand Trying Out Jewel's Canopy Park

The visitor of the Canopy Park, who went by the name June Neo, posted on Facebook on 15 June to share her painful experience at the Manulife Sky Nets located at the topmost level of Jewel Changi Airport. She apparently cut her hand badly at the attraction, die to the tough ropes at the Sky Net.

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Netizen Slammed Commuters For Not Helping Woman Trapped In Platform Gap, Said SMRT Staff Not Well-Trained Enough

A woman had her leg stuck in the platform gap at Buona Vista MRT station this morning. Although she escaped mostly unharmed, an observer noticed that many Singaporeans were selfish and did not try to help. While the SMRT staff tried their best, they did not look like they were first-aid trained too. In times of emergency, do you think we will be able to depend on people for help?

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At around 9 am when the victim still had not come home, Mr Yang's father went back downstairs. This time, he walked to the accident site and told police officers that he could not find his wife. According to Mr Yang, a warehouse supervisor, investigators spoke to his father and realised the victim's name matched his wife's. They asked Mr Yang's father if he would like to identify the body, but the latter declined to do so. Investigators then handed Mr Yang's father a photo of the deceased instead.

However, due to the severity of the victim's injuries, Mr Yang's father was unable to recognise his wife. As such, he told police officers that the deceased was not his wife. Mr Yang's father subsequently called him to come to the scene, but he too, was unable to identify the deceased until later.

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