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Why Take so Long to Suspend Woffles Wu?

What is callous about him is he had no qualms to ask his employee, an elderly man of 76 years to take the rap for him for a speeding offense in 2005. The four month suspension from practice by Singapore Medical Council doesn't seem to affect him as he be going for vacation and writing articles. I think 8 days magazine should stop asking him to write articles for them. We should just boycott 8days magazine for supporting such a heartless man like Woffles Wu who is not repentant for his action.

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Speaking to reporters while visiting Yishun yesterday evening, The Sunday Times reported that Mr Shanmugam said that Wu's offences were committed before the Penal Code was tightened in 2008 to make giving the traffic police misleading information a more serious crime. Wu's speeding convictions happened in Sep 2005 and Nov 2006 and he was charged under the Road Traffic Act rather than the Penal Code which provides for stiffer penalties. Mr Shanmugam pointed out that Wu was, therefore, charged according to what was the normal practice prior to 2008 saying "you can't charge a person for an offence if the section was not in existence at that time".

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Woffles Wu suspended from practice for 4 months

The council said yesterday it has censured Dr Wu and suspended him from medical practice for four months. The 54-year-old was also ordered to give a written undertaking that he will not engage in any similar conduct. Dr Wu was fined S$1,000 in June, 2012, after he asked Mr Kuan Kit Wah to take the rap for his speeding offences, committed in 2005 and 2006. The fine sparked off questions about why the prosecution did not pursue stiffer charges, as well as suggestions of favouritism. The episode also led to an exchange between Workers’ Party Chairman Sylvia Lim and Law Minister K Shanmugam in Parliament over the equitability of the legal system.

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