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Does Ho Ching Speak On Behalf Of The Government?

Granted, she's the PM's wife and privy to govt planning, but is she a minister or member of Parliament? If not, then she should refrain from answering publicly posted questions that are meant for Govt agencies to answer. Because majority of Singaporeans cannot tell the difference. They see PM's wife, they automatically assume she can speak for him in official matters. But if the govt has other plans it can cause a conflict of interest.

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Covid19: Ho Ching Says 4G Leadership Underestimated the Virus and Made Mistakes in Recalling Singaporeans Back

PM Lee Hsien Loong wife now ownself admit that the government made a mistake in recalling Singaporeans back home when they saw the numbers of infected people spiking overseas. This mistake was further compounded by the fact that the government allowed these returnees to go home with only stay home notices, meaning that those with the virus could potentially go on to infect other members of their households and the entire society at large.

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A 48 year old man was arrested after he started throwing things down his 6th storey HDB block in Bukit Panjang after a quarrel with his wife last evening. The incident occurred at Block 274, Bangkit Road, around 5.30pm, and among the items thrown were a knife and a small statue from a praying altar.

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