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Here is the solution: If as per some source, there will be an average increase of $12 dollars per household, $120 per 10 household, how much can we cover if we have 1million dollars? Yeah. where do we get the money from? your most welfare minister's salary of course. 2.3 million for our pm. how about we cut all the high ranking official by half to cover that cost? afterall, it is their fail policy that cost us the increase, no? improper planning? If everytime the solution to an issue is to raise tax or raise $ elsewhere, how about we cut their salary everytime they cant comes up with something other than "lets raise the bill again". In all seriousness, i am not being paid millions for coming up with solution. A more feasible alternative is to use the national reserve to produce more water treatment plant to substain the cost in the long run, rather than raising the cost as a better solution. Does it mean if I am bill gates, a billionare, I can use up all the water if i can afford to pay? Educating is definitely better than "punishing".

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