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Covid19: Govt Should Spend More On Fighting Actual Virus, Not On Silly Comic Campaigns Virus Vanguard

Government sponsored content if done correctly can help raise the morale of the people. But being our government, they did it in a manner so out of touch with the common man that it immediately got condemnation from every kaypoh online. As it should. I mean "Fake News Buster" is clearly POFMA trying to rebrand himself as a force for security and totally not undermining the limited freedom of speech in this country.

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We ended up piling the boxes containing medical waste at the other end of our bunk, under the outside windows. A number of the Malay medics weren't very happy about the situation because according to their traditions, blood and other bodily wastes in a living space invite unclean spirits in. Then, problems started. A number of guys experienced sleep paralysis. Among them were the guys who had protested about the boxes so I dismissed it as mass hysteria initially. The second night I woke up to hear music playing. The room felt cold and the radio was changing channels. This wasn't a set with a remote control or anything. It had a solid slider which you moved to change frequency. It wasn't just moving up and down through the channels either- it was pausing on certain stations- not just the English language stations which we all listened to but oldies stations featuring classic Malay and Chinese songs from the 50s and 60s. Like an old man trying to find a channel he liked.

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We as citizens feeling the pain of huge daily cost of living that we have to bear. Our most important survival and the only resource, trade will be slowly eroded as all the money will be sucked into defense spending. Singapore government social help is near to negligible. The huge money spent on the military could be better spent on the aged, the poor, education, hospitals and upgrading of skills of our fellow men and women.

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