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PAP move to trot out potential candidates early surprising, say observers

Political observers were surprised by the People’s Action Party’s (PAP) move to expose potential candidates early to the public eye, with the next General Election expected to be some time away. This is a significant change in tactics, they said, adding that it was in response to one of the lessons the ruling party drew from the 2011 GE — that voters need time to familiarise themselves with new candidates. Said Singapore Management University’s Associate Professor Eugene Tan, who is also a Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP): “The fact that they are not keeping it under wraps does suggest that, certainly, one aim (of the PAP leadership) is to create awareness that they are exposing potential candidates to the voters at this early stage.”

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Singapore’s constitution was written after Singapore was thrown out by Malaysia in 1965 and Malays who decided to stay on after the separation felt vulnerable. Article 152 is the pillar in the constitution to recognize Malays as the indigenous people and that the Government of the day has to protect their rights. Several interest groups and individuals – the recent one by NMP Viswa Sadasivan – attempted to challenge and question the need for Article 152 in today’s context to achieve equality for all races.

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