Friends, Scoot is gone. I was lugging my gear down to the carpark today and scoot was not at the lot (Deck 1A, Lot 20) I last parked it at. In fact, it wasn't anywhere in the multi-storey carpark. No trace. Stolen, I'm afraid. If you happen to see it anywhere - as seen in the pictures, it's a dark blue Vespa - please run to it, guard it, sit on it (the main stand is very stable, don't worry), and call me at 988zero4429. Alternatively, call the police.

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A Singaporean man took to Facebook to raise awareness after his baby blue vespa bike was stolen. He was so desperate to get it back that he offered a $1000 reward to those who could retrieve the bike for him. He later revealed that the bike was not a real bike but an electric bike hence the lack of license plate.

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Mark Franklin Saga: A Singaporean's appeal to Piaggio Asia Pacific

Singapore is a very open country and we welcome people of all walks of life to visit, live and work in Singapore. Mr Franklin is a guest in our country. By virtue of his status and position in your company he has the privilege to enjoy a standard and quality of life above most ordinary Singaporeans. Instead of contributing to society and giving something positive back to Singapore, his status, it appears has given him a heightened and false sense of entitlement.He has a sense of smugness and disdain for the local people, which has been translated into flouting the law, calling locals derogatory and insulting names and challenging them to fights on the streets like an ordinary bullying thug!

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Piaggio wants MD Mark Franklin to explain & clarify his actions

Piaggio Group HQ replied to the TRE reader today (9 May) confirming that the errant Caucasian in the video is none other than the MD of Piaggio Asia Pacific, Mr Mark Franklin. In their email, Piaggio Group said that it expects the “highest standards of integrity and conduct” to be maintained by all their employees and representatives. It has asked Mr Franklin to promptly explain and clarify the “detailed circumstances surrounding the incident”, adding that Mr Franklin has sent his profound apologies to the driver and to “whoever who have felt offended by his behavior”.

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Singapore lady: Mark Franklin was provoked by driver into flashing the middle finger

Mr. Franklin was pulling over to the right as he suspected that there’s a problem with his scooter. Note: He did not stop to threaten said victim. “Victim” Tay then honked at him, not ONCE as claimed, but continuously for the ENTIRE duration of the video and after. This ‘victim’ also HAD HIS MIDDLE FINGER UP THE WHOLE TIME. This prompted Mr. Franklin to walk over to his car to find out what the problem was. I can only imagine how pissed Mr. Franklin must have been because as if getting stuck with a faulty scooter is not unfortunate enough, he now has to deal with a rude fellow road-user who chose to seek unnecessary trouble instead of just taking the left lane where there is ample space to pass.

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Road Rage Exposed: Suntec City Red Vespa Ang Moh Mark Franklin

Yet another road rage incident involving an Ang Moh motorist happened on the roads of Singapore! According to the Singaporean victim Tay, the arrogant motorist flashed his middle finger and hit his car just because Tay tapped his horn (once) when the motorcyclist did an illegal U-turn. Is this the sort of thuggish behaviour we expect from our foreign talents? Regardless of one's wealth and standing, one is expected to abide by the laws of the land you are in. The motorist's total disregard for fellow motorists and his arrogance pissed off many Singaporeans. Many have since called for the authorities to take swift action against him.

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