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Fake Singapore Vaccination Certs Most Expensive In The Black Market

Each fake vaccination certificate from Singapore costs about S$400, the most expensive among 28 countries according to Check Point’s research. Here are the cost of fake vaccination certificates according to Check Point. Australia: US$80India: US$75Indonesia: US$80-100 Singapore: US$295Thailand: US$80 Austria: US$176Brazil: US$80 United Emirates: US$200Portugal: US$176Canada: US$120 Cyprus: US$176Finland: US$176France: US$176Greece: US$176Italy: US$176Ireland: US$176Latvia: …

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64-year-old Dies 8 hours After First COVID-19 Vaccine

On Saturday (31 July), Charlene Yong took to Facebook to detail how six days earlier at 10.05am, her mother had received her first dose of her COVID vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty). Tragically, about eight hours after the jab, Ms Yong’s mother collapsed at home while cleaning the floor. In her post, Charlene noted that …

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Netizens: Do not let vaccination status divide us!

There is a new petition going around asking that the government does not divide us by vaccination status. This is started in response to suggestions for different levels of access and rules for the vaxxed and non-vaxxed in public areas, schools, work areas, and different dining rules / safe distancing …

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