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Hi all, pardon the lengthy post... just want to raise awareness that feeding is not illegal, and feeders please be firm and stand up against bullies. ‪#‎catfeedersareawesome‬ ‪#‎compassionrules‬ Encountered a dispute that happened earlier at Redhill. (never-ending issues with educated idiots who lack compassion) Got back home around 945pm, and saw a regular feeder being cornered by an English speaking couple insisting that Redhill is a non-feeding zone and that it is illegal to feed cats in the estate. Feeder is a mandarin speaking lady who tried to reason with them but to no avail. Feeder told me the couple was rude and abusive and called her names. She also informed that she always cleans up after feeding, and shared that she's not the only feeder in the region. After what feeder told me, I tried to mediate and reason with couple. Couple insisted that they've consulted town council and confirms that Redhill is not a designated feeding zone, and said if feeder likes cats so much shd bring cat home. When asked who's the TC officer, and where is the designated feeding zone, couple couldn't answer.

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