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Nanyang Academics Agent Cheated Parent By Quoting Higher Tuition Fees Than What Tutor Charged

Recently, I engaged a tuition agent, Nanyang Academics. The terms of payment for the agency fee is first 2 lessons’ fees, and balance 2 lessons I pay directly to tutor. This agent however was totally dishonest. Although the tutor already informed the agent before commencement of first lesson that his charges are $60 per lesson (1.5hr lesson) during CB period of online learning & his hourly charge will commence only after CB ends with face to face tuition, but the agent instead told me it’s $60 p/hr.

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I would like to warn all against the Tuition Centre for Maths of the name: Lexis Education Asia. First their school fees are exorbitant and more importantly, they do not have compassion for students( nor for desperate parents) with poor results. Throughout the 7 months, their teachers ( yes I requested to change teacher) were young and not qualified. During a conversation striked with a temporary teacher whom I spoke to, he was covering for a friend in that centre and just finished polytechnic, no prior teaching experience at all. Another situation, one of the "qualified" male teacher actually taught my gal the wrong solution!

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