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According to the Channel NewsAsia news report ”PAP launches 88-page election manifesto” (Aug 29) – “These include the launch of 100,000 flats, the expansion and improvement of bus and train networks, job creation for Singaporeans, job protection through the Jobs Bank and Fair Consideration Framework, wage growth for all income groups, and help for low-wage workers in the form of Workfare and the Progressive Wage Model.”

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Greedy Singaporean business owners suppressing wages of fellow Singaporeans?

I did a renovation project for a wealthy Singaporean family years back, I spent quite a long time in their bungalow for almost a month. Somehow, I followed their life a little bit and heard many of their conversations. When it comes to spending on themselves, name it Prada bags, cars, overpriced restaurants, renovation, they NEVER complain. They can spend $2k for a feast at a restaurant to please their friends or relatives (to show off), or $35k for a watch, or half a million for a car, but when it comes to increasing their maid’s salary by just $100, they can argue for an hour with the agency. YES, that’s our True Blue Singaporean.

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