TRE the victim of a DNS (DDoS) amplification attack

We wish to confirm that TR Emeritus (TRE) was the victim of a DNS (DDoS) amplification attack, which resulted in the website being inaccessible for about 2 days. According to our provider (based on information provided by the Data Center), the attack was “extremely large” which could not be mitigated by “normal means”. Normally, a “small DDoS attack” (less than 5 Gbps or 500,000 PPS) can be mitigated at the router level, but that was not the case in the attack on TRE.

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Award ceremony turns into feedback session with MP

A microphone was passed to me and I made a feedback about my daughter’s former school. I told them about CHIJ St. Theresa’s. I told that they are still holding my daughter’s O level Certificate as ransom. The reason – I am not paying for an overseas trip which I was informed at first that it was ‘all expenses paid for’ by the MoE but later denied and I was asked to pay. I still insist that the school misinformed me and that I am not paying so the school is holding my daughter’s O level certificate as ransom.

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Deputy Prime Minister Tharman is Wrong

It was the buying and selling of credit default swaps and the subprime loans in the US that triggered the financial collapse in 2008. This – and not the minimum wage system – caused the destruction of the economy which led to massive unemployment. If minimum wage has crippled economies, how do we account for Switzerland and Norway which have unemployment rates and economic performances similar to Singapore’s? The minimum wage in both countries is set through collective bargaining.

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Singaporeans got blamed for PAP's mistakes

I see this this as Lui shifting the blame to motorists using the MCE for the initial congestion problems on the MCE for what a user (at 11 am on the Monday day, so he had plenty of time to observe his surroundings) told me was a failure by tpt officials: “There is only one sign indicating the first exit into the city. One would have tot that based on the signage used on other expressways, there would be signs saying ‘Exit to X, 100m’ etc at regular intervals.” As the media reports a lot more signage going up since I heard this comment, I assume this problem has been fixed. And that this is the source of the problem.

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URA now says to ‘engage’ NSS but can one trust URA?

In this respect, the Nature Society also said in its criticism earlier, “Some parks are called nature parks but to what extent they are permanent in the sense of not being subjected to development in the future is not guaranteed nor clear.” And even if the government gives a ‘guarantee’ now for the current plan, it can still decide to change its mind some years down the road, as revealed by the Nature Society. For example, it noted that Mandai Mangrove, Khatib Bongsu, Pulau Semakau and the four Coral Zones were designated as “Nature Areas” in the original 1993 Singapore Green Plan. However, they were quietly removed from the 2012 revised Singapore Green Plan.

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More army bases than hospitals in S’pore

Are army bases more important than citizens’ health? Face the fact, Internet is defeating Singapore Propaganda House. They have been in power because of their grip on the media. What problems? All the problems and the evil side of PAP are being brushed aside by the devilishly clever Singapore Propaganda House. Reading the Singapore Propaganda House’s depiction of the 50 years of PAP rule is like watching an Indian movie, where the heroes are always right and they always win. The result? Singapore is now becoming a third world country. The worst part is their inept performances are being rewarded with monstrously huge salaries beyond our imagination. What kind of leaders are we having in Singapore?

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Lui Tuck Yew: I prefer Marina Coastal Expressway

"We will have to be patient, look at the situation over a period of weeks. But so far, LTA (i.e. the Land Transport Authority) tells me, other than the first morning, it’s been relatively smooth, perhaps for a variety of reasons. And I’d like to believe that some (motorists) have moved over to taking public transport, given the convenience of the Circle Line and Downtown Line in the area." Mr Lui said that LTA “will continue to make improvements to the signs, and do the necessary tweaks, to bring about a smoother commute for motorists

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Malaysians in Singapore don’t want to become Singaporeans

The survey polled 100 Malaysians in Singapore. 21 of them said that they love their country, Malaysia. Hence, they have no intention of migrating to Singapore. Others cited the high cost of living in Singapore, the accompanying pressure and difficult housing policies. Last August, for example, HDB changed its housing policy so that new permanent residents have to wait three years before they can buy a resale HDB flat.

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Govt to set ‘minimum wage’ for 2 industries

The government is setting “minimum wages” for the cleaning and security industries but has refused to acknowledge so because of the oidious connotation of the term “minimum wage” among businessmen and investors.It will begin by legislating what is effectively a minimum wage for the cleaning sector. It will introduce an amendment to the law this month which, when passed by Parliament and implemented, will set a tiered wage system for different jobs in the sector. This was announced on Wednesday (8 Jan) by DPM Tharman who is also the Finance Minister.

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