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Lam Pin Min Met Largest PMD Turnout In His MPS, But Did Not Allow Them To Speak

While this will be painted in the MSM as PAP MPs going out of their way to accommodate the PMD riders by meeting them and having a dialogue with them, the reality is that this was nothing more than a PR exercise, where the angry and unhappy PMD riders are gathered under one roof, and told in no uncertain terms that the government will never budge from their stand. This was never a dialogue, but a monologue from a PAP MP.

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University Students Petition For Lower Transport Fares, Because They Are Still Students

However, this does not apply to University students, as they will still be charged with adult fares which costs up to $1.48 for an average journey of 10 km. This does sound a tad bit unfair, as University students are still students, just like the polytechnic students. They don't hold full time jobs, and thus, have no steady income to pay for the increase. In light of this, three undergraduates started a petition to appeal for university students to receive the same rights.

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