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My name is Nickson, and this is my story. Just like any teenager, I am an active 15 years old boy, with my bright future in front of me and filled with zest of life ahead of me. However, on a fateful day on September 2015, I collapsed at home due to high fever and after several tests, doctors revealed that I’m is suffering from an aggressive form of leukaemia. My world came tumbling down, and not sure what to think for a 15 years old. Thereafter, we seek medical attention from both KK Hospital and NUH, specialising in childhood leukaemia. I underwent chemotherapy and I harvested my father’s bone marrow in the hope for a full recovery in Sep 2016 in which I suffered a relapse just 3 months later which is in Nov 2016. After the relapse, my father’s cell was subsequently harvested to support the treatment of my leukaemia while searching for a compatible unrelated donor. The doctors in Singapore recommend us to seek treatment for in Seattle Hospital in USA, as it is the only place in the world for cell therapy and there are already two successful proven cases who have returned back to Singapore with full recovery results. All the health insurance in Singapore can only cover local treatments, and not overseas treatment. The deposit for the hospital in Seattle requires a minimum of SGD $700,000, and my parents were at the complete shock and lost in their thoughts upon hearing the treatment cost, and it’s way beyond our means. My father is the sole breadwinner of the family, and my mom has become a full-time housewife in order to take care of me and my brother. I and my family can never thank you enough in helping us for this fund raising for my treatment in the States and our family will forever be indebted to all the help and support we have received. Thank you so much for all the kind assistance rendered and we wish all good health. Please help me to fight this leukemia so that I can continue walk the path in front of me. No amount is too small and we thank you again for your kind generosity.

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Malaysian Parents Give Up One Eye Each So That Their Baby Can See The World

A COUPLE plan to donate one eye each to their 17-month-old son so that he can see, Harian Metro reported. Doctors told Yus Nurlina Mohd Yusuf, 25, and Khairul Syafiq Azmi, 27, that Khairil Mikhail’s left eye was not functioning while his right eye was impaired. “My husband and I do not mind being blind in one eye so that our son can have a brighter future,” said Yus.

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