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NEAR MISS: Car Had To E-brake For Jaywalker With Pram!

In a 13-second dashcam video spreading online, a driver was seen approaching a left turn when a lady with a pram suddenly appeared. What’s wrong with this jaywalker?! The traffic light is literally a bus length away, she could’ve walked further up and waited for the traffic light! Can you …

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COVID19: Ang Moh Roller-Skiing on Road in CBD During CB

If you recall, some time in January, a Caucasian man was seen skiing on the road in the CBD area. Netizens questioned if it posed a danger to motorists but there was no news of any warning given to him. Now, we are seeing an ang moh again in the CBD once again doing a "roller-skiing" workout, presumably due to emptier road conditions during the circuit breaker.

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