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Covid19: Delisted PCI Limited Awarded Tender To Build TraceTogether Tokens

Government Technology Agency (GovTech) announced it had awarded a $6 million tender to a Singapore-based electronics maker PCI Pte Ltd to manufacture TraceTogether Tokens. The $6 million dollars will be used to supply an initial 300,000 dongles, worth about $20 each. The first batch of Token should be delivered in the second half of June 2020. If the PAP successfully pushes through with its plan to tag every Singaporean, PCI Limited stands to gain access to a business potentially worth more than $110 million once Tokens are made for all 5.7 million residents.

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Covid19: Journalist Kirsten Han Concerned With TraceTogether Token

In a renewed attempt to implement this failed TraceTogether project, the government recently announced that Singaporeans will be issued with a wearable contact-tracing device. Minister of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Vivian Balakrishnan tried to reassure that the device only uses Bluetooth technology to exchange proximity information between devices. He claims there is no GPS in the token and it will not track users' locations. Yet again this proposed token faced mounting concerns about privacy and surveillance. Among those voices was journalist Kirsten Han who came up with various questions about the token.

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Will Data Collected By TraceTogether App Intrude Personal Privacy?

The Ministry of Health and GovTech recently launched an app TraceTogether to help with contact tracing for the COVID-19 pandemic happening in Singapore. In the event TraceTogether users test positive for COVID-19, they are legally obliged to share their data logs with contact tracers. There is uncertainty what the data logs look like. It is also worth noting that personal information can be extrapolated from anonymised data, by using other tracing methods such as CCTV footage and interviews.

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