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Is The COVID Vaccine Really Voluntary?

Dear Editors, You must have seen recent news about the COVID vaccine being available to those under 45 from June this year. As much as our authorities keep trying to assure all of us that taking the vaccine would be voluntary, we have already seen instances of people being “forced” …

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Do Singaporeans Even Have Any Choice?

A Singaporean shared his frustrations with the lack of choices in this country. He feels things and decisions have been forced onto citizens since birth, and our freedom continues to be eroded away… unless the underperforming overpaid Ministers are voted out. His post published in full: I didn’t choose to …

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Covid19: Workers’ Party Gerald Giam Criticises PAP’s Insistence To Implement TraceTogether

The Workers' Party politician Gerald Giam blogged about PAP's plans to roll out TraceTogether Tokens to all Singaporeans. If the PAP pushes its way through, an estimated 5.7 million residents in Singapore will be marked with a contact tracing device which will cost taxpayers over $100 million. However, TraceTogether has continually faced compatibility issues especially with iPhones. To overcome these issues, Apple and Google have developed their own contact tracing protocol called Exposure Notifications. While the PAP stubbornly insists on developing and implementing its TraceTogether project, at least 22 countries have now switched to using Exposure Notifications.

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