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Yesterday, Prime Minister Lee, on behalf of the Government paid tribute to the Pioneer Generation to kick-off our Jubilee celebrations. Jubilee is a time of celebration and it is also a time of Restoration. As a representative of the Pioneer Generation (Law Sector) in the Tribute given, I would like to applaud the Government for restoring the Culture of Honor in our society by giving this Tribute to us, the Pioneer Generation. It is a good start for our Jubilee

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Openly gay S’porean responds to Thio Su Mien’s open letter with an open letter of her own

Thio Su Mien, a former Law Dean of the National University of Singapore who also calls herself “Feminist Mentor”, wrote an open letter last week to denounce the Health Promotion Board’s Sexuality FAQ posted on its website. It was sent to the Ministry of Health as well as Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Here is a response to Thio’s open letter. It is written by a young Singaporean Adrianna Tan as an open letter posted on Facebook:

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