Money-lending: a blight in the heartlands

Will “regulating” these monleylenders cut down the numbers? There are 206 licensed moneylenders in Singapore, which is 27 per cent above the ideal number of moneylenders according to the president of the Moneylenders’ Association. With more and more moneylenders in the heartlands, borrowers are beginning to have the mentality that if one is rejected by a moneylender he or she could easily go to another. Some borrowers also believe they could borrow from one moneylender to pay off another, possibly leaving many heartlanders in long-term debt.

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The case against importing athletes

Fifa condemns foreigner recruitment as a farce Having seen more and more countries deliberately recruiting foreign-born footballers, many of whom are Brazilian, with no familial or ancestral ties to their new country, Fifa president Sepp Blatter told the BBC in 2007: “If we don’t stop this farce, if we don’t take care about the invaders from Brazil towards Europe, Asia and Africa then, in the 2014 or the 2018 World Cup, out of the 32 teams you will have 16 full of Brazilian players.”

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Hospital Shame

The Independent Singapore did an interview with Dr Tan Lip Hong on the bed crunch at some of our hospitals, with the Changi General Hospital setting up an air-conditioned tent to accommodate patients. Dr Tan has worked as a GP in the heartlands for the past 19 years. He is also one of the authors of the Singapore Democratic Party’s healthcare plan.

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Stayers and quitters, patriots and opportunists

A Malaysian Chinese daily has just reported that it carried out a survey which shows that 87 per cent of Malaysians working in Singapore are not interested in taking up citizenship here because “all they want was to earn ‘Sing’ dollars,” and that “they love their homeland Malaysia deeply”. In China, world-famous film director Zhang Yimou recently declared that he gave up his US citizenship when it was no longer useful to him.

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