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GE2020: Opposition Candidates’ Pictures Missing in ST Nomination Day Live Coverage

The 158th media has made no effort to hide their bias against the opposition by leaving out faces of opposition candidates in their Nomination Day Live Coverage. 158 did not bother to find photos of opposition candidates and just showed them as blanks while all the PAP candidates' faces were shown. What is their excuse for not being able to get a photo of the prominent Paul Tambyah who is going to be president of the International Society of Infectious Diseases?

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Orh hor, the Straits Times anyhow report that two LRTs collided at Sengkang! In its clarification today, the Land Transport Authority explained that ST's article was "erroneous" and "misleading" as there was no collision on the LRT line. It said the two LRTs were actually coupled and travelling as one train when it suddenly stalled, causing passengers to lose their balance. LTA believed people may have gotten the wrong impression that the trailing train-car collided with the one in front. It assured the public that all passengers were alright as the staff manually drove them to another station safely.

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