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Thailand’s political crisis: The inside story

Throughout the country Thais are glued to their TV sets, watching the unfolding Bangkok drama. But they watch on different channels. The social groups that support the government watch live coverage on their own national television channel, dubbed 'Red TV' after their 'red-shirt' identity; meanwhile, theopposition have their own channel and watch coverage on 'yellow shirt' TV .

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On a collision course in Thailand

Monday’s “Bangkok shutdown” is the climax of an anti-government campaign over more than two months led by Mr Suthep Thaugsuban, a political insider of 30 years turned scourge of the status quo. He wants to block main road intersections around the capital and surround official buildings to stop the government from working. Past protests suggest that the chances of chaos are high: At least eight people have died in a wave of demonstrations that have, at times, turned violent.

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