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POFMA Is Powerless Against Brave Activists Like TOC!

The government tried to bring down The Online Citizen (TOC) again! Recently, TOC shared a video interview with an elderly who alleged that she was bullied by the police. This video was subsequently POFMAed by the minister with two positions (Law and Home Affairs) Shanmugam who wasted his time by …

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Commentary: Who Checks The Judiciary?

Of late, we’ve been swarmed by several concerns on the ground concerning unchecked powers of unelected officials whose adverse decisions will affect us in a way we are unable to extract accountability from. Hence, how do we proceed as a Nation after this GE when political persecution of even LKY’s own family had just recurred and several other upcoming trials of Civil Activists Jolovan Wham, De Costa and Leong are set in October this year? What are we to make of the proceedings and can trust be regained in our Organs of State to do what’s right for the Country when all powers lead to the PAP cabinet?

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It Has Begun! TOC’s Terry Xu Served Letter By PM’ Lawyers, He Is Being Sued As Expected

The Writ was served on 5 September at Terry Xu's house, which indicated that the article in question "contained statements that are false and baseless and were calculated to disparage and impugn PM Lee as well as his office as the Prime Minister.” Xu has 8 days to enter an appearance to defend the claim. This is also not the first time lawyer Davinder Singh has represented PM Lee in his defamation suits. He was involved when PM Lee sued Roy Ngerng in 2015, and most recently Leong Sze Hian, whose case is still ongoing.

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