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Architect Tay Kheng Soon: Singapore Must Think Beyond The Defunct LKY Vision

NUS professor and veteran architect Tay Kheng Soon believes Singapore needs to have a new vision beyond the defunct Lee Kuan Yew vision of a "Global City." Noticing how the Covid19 pandemic has wrecked the global economy, Tay Kheng Soon says it shows the vulnerabilities and outdatedness of LKY's vision. The world has changed since Singapore achieved its status as a Global City.

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POFMA will be the Nuclear Bomb to Free Speech and Press in Singapore

POFMA was passed in parliament in May earlier this year. Despite what the government says about protecting citizens from fake news, it is all their way of pushing down a draconian law that has the potential to stifle and kill authentic contrarian views and any point of view that the government doesn't agree with. Here are what other prominent academics, human rights advocates and even a former PAP MP have to say about POFMA.

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