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GE2020: SDP Member Reminds Taxpayers About The Consequences Of Budget 2020

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) member Fadly Azad wrote on his Facebook about Budget 2020. While Singaporeans should be thankful for the cash payouts, he reminded Singaporeans that the money handed out by the government actually came from taxpayers. Remember that one way which the government gets this money is by taxing us, and "whatever they give you now they will take it back sooner or later". With the General Elections looming closer, he calls for Singaporeans to vote wisely. We can either choose to vote in a government who cares more about money and treats its people as digits, or vote in a government that is more concerned about our welfare and well being.

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SDP Shares Their Funding Strategies For Policies That Will Benefit The Vulnerable

The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has proposed various programmes like RESTART (Re-Employment Scheme and Temporary Assistance for the ReTrenched), RISE (Retirement Income Scheme for the Elderly), and other healthcare plan and housing policies for the benefit of the people. These policies and programmes may be especially essential for a post-Covid19 era. However these policies have been accused of being not affordable, with online counterarguments such as "Where is the money going to come from?". The SDP has recently addressed this funding issue with various concrete examples.

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Guess who wrote this. My primary school classmate just got retrenched in August. He’s still trying to find a job today, and he’s only asking for $1100. So he applied for the Job Assistance Scheme. The problem with the Job Assistance Scheme is this – the requirement to continue to receive financial assistance is that you must go for every interview that they arrange for you . So my friend went for every interview – he didn’t have a choice

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