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GE2020: Is Tan Wu Meng So Desperate To Win That He Has To Resort To Playing Racial Politics?

"This man grew up in Singapore. Singapore gave him his education and he earns a living here. An education and a living that is denied to many minorities in the region." Somehow Tan seems to be insinuating that Alfian, as a minority, should be grateful for having been done the special favour of receiving an education from the benevolent majority, as if Singaporean minorities need the goodwill of the benevolent majority to be given an education, as if that goodwill is contingent on Singaporean minorities being subservient and toeing the line.

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GE2020: Smear Campaign Started Against Pritam Singh And Alfian Sa’at

With the General Elections being called soon, it appears that the PAP has started smear campaigns against opposition party members. During the Budget debate on 5 June, Pritam Singh said Singapore should be fortunate that we have citizens who are “loving critics”. Even though Pritam Singh did not name any specific person, Tan Wu Meng inferred that Pritam Singh had spoken in support of Alfian Sa'at. Tan Wu Meng then took this opportunity to smear Pritam Singh who had supposedly voiced support for Alfian Sa'at. Tan Wu Meng asked if Pritam Singh still thinks Alfian Sa'at is a "loving critic" of Singapore based on selected screenshots of Alfian's comments, and went a step further to accuse Pritam Singh of being a "loving critic" himself if he supports Alfian.

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