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GE2020: East Coast-Fengshan Town Council Fails To Explain Why Workers Were Carrying Election Materials

On 3 July, a sharp-eyed netizen spotted foreign workers wearing East Coast-Fengshan Town Council uniforms carrying and transporting a trolley full of PAP election material. The East Coast-Fengshan Town Council eventually caught wind of this incident and conducted an investigation. Within a day, the Town Council eventually identified these workers as employers of its estate cleaning contractor. A Town Council spokesperson told the 158 state media the workers "were not fulfilling any duties related to the town council at that time." The spokesperson also claimed the estate cleaning contractor was reminded to observe the Town Council's guidelines, and that its workers should not be wearing Town Council uniforms to do "non-town council-related work."

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GE2020: Heng Swee Keat Sent To East Coast GRC Over Fear Of Losing To The Workers’ Party

In a surprise move, Heng Swee Keat showed up at the St Anthony's Canossian nomination centre in Bedok North to file his nomination papers for East Coast GRC. WP has consistently walked the grounds of East Coast GRC. Therefore it comes with no surprise that WP commands a significant percentage of votes as seen in the previous elections, even reaching a high of 45.2% of votes in GE2011. By moving Heng Swee Keat to East Coast GRC, it seems the PAP is hoping that the "4G leader" will be able to shore up whatever remaining support the PAP has in this GRC.

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