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The Workers' Party held a final Extraordinary Organising Members' meeting, and a small farewell party at their humble, historic office in Syed Alwi Road today. The party will be moving to a new address likely in the north-east of Singapore, where WP strongholds Aljunied and Hougang are situated.

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Two Pakistani men arrested for legless body in suitcase at Syed Alwi Road

Police have arrested two male Pakistani nationals, aged 25 and 43, in connection with the case where a body was found at Syed Alwi Road on Wednesday night. The suspects were arrested on Thursday (June 12) at about 3.00 pm at the vicinity of Rowell Road. A statement from the police said: "Through a coordinated operation involving more than 100 officers, the identities of the suspects and deceased were established within 24 hours of the report lodged."

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Legless male body found in suitcase near Jalan Besar

A fruit stall owner told Channel NewsAsia that past 5pm on Wednesday (June 11), an old man asked two tourists for help in pushing a trolley with a suitcase. When they touched the bag, their hands were stained with blood. It prompted them to ask the shopowner owner for permission to wash their hands on his premises. A "karang guni" man, who collects old and discarded items to sell, reportedly found a body in the suitcase when he opened it.

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