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South Asian Comments That S$7200 Salary Is Not Enough In Singapore

Another post from FB group “Indians in Singapore” circulates the internet. Earlier this year, Suresh shared that he got a job in Singapore which earns him S$7200, asking the group for their opinions and recommendations. In response, Singh commented that the $7200 may not be enough to live comfortably. S$7200 …

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Could they be Singapore’s next generation of top footballers? Last month, a team of 12 boys, all local-born and led by former international Steven Tan, ventured into the unknown when they flew all the way to Gothenburg, Sweden, to take part in the Gothia Cup. Showing no fear or nerves, the Under-11 boys from the F-17 Fandi Ahmad’s Academy of Football Excellence won seven out of eight matches

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SG’s high social inequality a result of elitist policies

I don’t feel any love or compassion from them. I have not had an inkling of visceral or intellectual contribution by them. In fact, no one has ever shown me the link between their existence in Singapore and the benefits for Singaporeans. In contrast, a snapshot of a society with a benign GINI is Sweden: Concerning the public sphere, there is a strong sense of community and high levels of civic participation in Sweden, where 92% of people believe that they know someone they could rely on in time of need, slightly higher than the OECD average of 90%.

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