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SingFirst’s social safety net package is not prepared overnight but is the outcome of several years of research and discussion. Our proposal has now been updated following discussions in the last few years with international experts in Finland, Norway, Berlin, Oxford and Harvard. It has also been discussed and debated internally over several months. We took into consideration what the Minister of Finance told Parliament about the use of returns on investment of Singapore’s national assets.

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Grace Fu: Government committed to slowing down population growth

The Government has embarked on a new “strategic direction” in its population policies to bring about a slower and more sustainable pace of population growth as committed to in the Population White Paper, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Grace Fu today (March 5). “Our goal is that Singapore continues to be an endearing home and a good place for Singaporeans to live, work and play,” she said during the Prime Minister’s Office Committee of Supply debate. Citing statistics released in the annual Population in Brief report last year, Ms Fu said Singapore’s population grew by just 1.6 per cent last year, its slowest pace in the last 10 years and almost half the average rate of 3.1 per cent from 2004 to 2012.

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PTC: Fare hike and breakdowns are separate issues

While yesterday's train delay led some people to comment that fares should not go up when trains are still breaking down, the Public Transport Council (PTC) has said that the two issues should be kept separate. PTC chairman Gerard Ee said the raising of fares is to cover rising costs for operators SMRT and SBS Transit, even as he noted that service reliability has to improve. Staff and material costs have spiralled upwards even as operators have been trying to improve productivity in the past few months.

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