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Seriously, the thought of Singaporean parents seeing their ah boy kena shot and tortured, will make parents go jelly legs and demand our garhmen to surrender. Can our ah boy and bui bui unkers go battlefield and Duke it out , the battlefield is like a butcher shop, intestines, body parts blood all over place? Psychological fear will immediately put the country in defeatist mode, ready to surrender

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Can Singaporeans survive on a $2,000 a month salary?

I find this very much at odds to what I have observed and been told by the people I meet. Is it possible that I have some sort of ‘Indian Sign’ on my head, because I only seem to be meeting this 13%, and almost never the majority 87%? Or is this another example of the type of inaccurate data that the Govt conveniently uses to dictate policy? It’s very easy to look only at the data and statistics and govern according to it. It’s a lot harder work to explore and investigate further and get a more accurate picture on the ground. I am no economist but I do know what is necessary for the common man to get by in Singapore.

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