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Criminal lawyer Subhas Anandan, 67, died in Singapore General Hospital on Wednesday morning. The prominent lawyer, a senior partner at RHTLaw Taylor Wessing and president of the Association of Criminal Lawyers in Singapore, had earned a reputation for defending notorious criminals, many a time pro bono. He defended Anthony Ler, who hired a teenager to kill his wife in 2001; Took Leng How, a vegetable packer who befriended eight-year-old girl Huang Na, then killed her in 2004; and Leong Siew Chor, who chopped up a woman he killed in the Kallang body parts case.

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Why Roy Ngerng Should Fire His Lawyers

The Roy Ngerng saga has been played out for the past few weeks. By now, I think many Singaporeans are already tired of the constant harping of the same issues. In fact, many of my friends have been asking what the issue is actually. The long and short of it is that Roy Ngerng said that our Prime Minister criminally misappropriated the nation’s CPF monies. Many people have since put forward their stand that such claims are ridiculous and are defamatory.

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