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People’s Voice Party Made Right Judgment Calls For Covid19

Secretary-General of People's Voice Party (PVP) Lim Tean had cautioned against the reopening of schools a week before 2 June 2020. It looks like PVP was proven right when state media reported four students and one school employee tested positive for Covid19. Lim Tean reminds voters that PVP has been the only Party that has been right about Covid19 since February 2020, and he attributed these right judgment calls because PVP, unlike the PAP, has been putting People First!

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MOE Says Withholding Results From Students Due To Unpaid Fees Longstanding Practice

A longstanding practise certainly does not make this any right, as they did nothing but humiliate the student who by no choice of her own, got found out by the rest of her school mates that her family cannot afford to pay the 'minimal' school fees. If the MOE dare say that the amount was minimal compared to the amount given by the government to offset costs for Singaporeans, then why are they still hard up on chasing after that amount? MOE said that this was not about the money. So, what is it about then? To humiliate poor students who cannot afford to even pay a minimum sum?

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A police report have been lodged by the Ngee Ann Polytechnic after their female students had found photos of them posted on their own social media stolen and re-posted with lewd captions on micro-blogging platform Tumblr. The female students were posing dressed in shorts, yoga pants, bikinis and dresses. Thirteen Ngee Ann Poly students were affected. The school immediately filed a police report against the blog once they were made known to the school. It was not clear why NP students were targeted. One of the victims was reported to say that the photos were posted on their own social media accounts for their own use, and not for some perverts to take the photos and make offensive remarks about them.

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