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Feeling the tight squeeze in the middle

ASSISTANT MANAGER Raymond Koh, 38, is a man with many worries. He just sold his Housing Board flat below valuation to upgrade to a bigger flat for his growing family. He worries about the long hours his daughter, 14, spends in school; and about the primary school his six-year-old son will get into. His car's certificate of entitlement runs out in 21/2 years and he wonders if he will be able to afford another one. He frets about growing old, his children's future and whether they will have a better standard of living than he is having. "It will be very tough for them, that's for sure, because their income and the things everybody would want (like a house or car) don't match any more. The gap is very big," he says.

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FRUSTRATED with rising car prices, train delays and fare increases, Singaporeans have dubbed transport the Government's worst failure since the 2011 General Election. The label was given by 45 per cent of 500 citizens polled in a Straits Times survey. Around 28 per cent rate it as bad or very bad. Only a tad more - 31 per cent - say the system is good or very good. They reserved most of their ire for the MRT, with over half of the regular train commuters saying services have declined since 2011. Only 21 per cent say services have improved. For bus services, it is the reverse: Two in five regular commuters say services are better while 19 per cent say they have deteriorated.

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