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City Harvest Church's former finance manager Serina Wee, who has been causing a stir with her good looks and stylish outfits, has set up a blogshop selling apparel and accessories. She turned up at the Subordinate Courts in one of her shop's dresses earlier on Monday (Jan 13). Netizens took notice of the white and blue V-neck piece, although a handful remarked how it resembled the uniform of a beer promoter. The dress retails for $48 on the website, which went live earlier this month. A black sleeveless dress Wee wore to court yesterday (Jan 14) is also available online for $52.

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Man climbed through a bedroom window and risked falling five floors in rape attempt

One night in October 2012, he climbed out the living-room window of the fifth-floor flat and onto the parapet. He then climbed through the window of the victim's bedroom. Her bedroom door was locked. Once inside, he covered her mouth and pinned her onto the bed. As they struggled, he violated her sexually and tried to rape her but eventually stopped. He told her he was frustrated after she spurned his affections, and apologised. He even provided his name and contact details and accompanied her downstairs, where she took a taxi to her friend's place. She later made a police report and moved out.

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