The MDA has ordered The Real Singapore to cease operations with effect of 8 PM tonight. They cited that TRS was responsible for "fabricating stories to create disharmony in Singapore" and "inciting xenophobia". In other news, Stomp Straits Times, which is equally notorious for fabricating stories and inciting xenophobia will be operating as usual. If the government were truly serious about protecting our social fabric, they would shut down STOMP as well, but they clearly have no intentions on doing so.

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Look at this now. How do you feel now? Someone who paid for their train ride don't even dare to sit despite there being so many vacant seats. So what if we are soldiers, we are human too. We feel tired too. We are proud enough to wear the uniform out. But the very people we are protecting in some way or another are just finding all means to gun us down. Please have some compassion people, one day your family member or loved one will be in a tough situation too and I believe you wouldn't be pleased to see photos or videos of them being posted.

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Malaysian jailed for failing to stop at Woodlands checkpoint -- the third person caught in four months

A district court heard that Koh was driving to a temple in Johor Baru on April 13 when he lost his way and found himself at the Johor Baru (Malaysia) Immigration checkpoint. He told an immigration officer that he wanted to U-turn back towards Malaysia and that he did not have his passport with him. The officer told him to report to the Malaysian police near the Malaysian immigration checkpoint. But instead, he drove towards Woodlands checkpoint and joined the queue at the arrival car section.

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CLOSING down citizen journalism website Stomp may not solve the inherent issues in the social media era, as similar platforms will sprout up to take its place ("MDA responds to anti-Stomp petition"; last Thursday). Stomp started out with the aim of promoting citizen journalism, showcasing public perspectives of news that might not be captured by traditional media. In that way, Stomp should not be seen as inferior to mainstream media. At the same time, one cannot expect Stomp posts to possess the depth of analysis present in traditional media.

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[YOUR LETTERS] We should not support the petition against STOMP

In the name of freedom of speech and internet, STOMP should also not be regulated by MDA and the government because it will signal to them that we are ok with them taking away our right to free speech and the voice of society's conscience. That is why I'm a little surprised that the #FreeMyInternet movement did not say anything to stand up for STOMP when they did issue a statement against the regulation of the Mothership website. I think it is not fair and abit of a hypocrite to support the freedom of one website but not another. We must ensure that all websites are not regulated by the government.

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Couple to be charged for pumping out content from grease traps in Jurong without licence

A couple who was spotted allegedly pumping out contents from grease traps in Jurong will be charged with doing so without a permit. According to a report in Lianhe Wanbao, this duo will be charged according to law for pumping the sewers' content without license. Singaporeans have caught people pumping out sewer contents in Jurong, Toa Payoh and Yishun on separate incidents, sparking concerns over the use of 'gutter oil' in Singapore.

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Can STOMP really teach good internet behaviour?

STOMP's Don't Be A Facebook Idiot campaign is the last thing we need. It would be much better for us to recognise that we cannot control everything online, and that there is little point in policing other people's social media presence. There will always be Facebook idiots. We should be careful we don't join them.

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"I was heading home with my team mates and teacher on the MRT from Tampines after a competition there last Saturday (Jan 19). "After my teacher alighted at Raffles Place MRT station, two women, who I think are Filipino, proceeded to squeeze on the seat my teacher was on earlier. "My friend and I had to shift our bodies a bit and even then, we were still quite cramped.

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Mercedes driver who bulldozed 4 people at Chong Pang Market fined $7,000

A businessman who injured four people near Chong Pang Market when his car crashed into them was fined $7,000 on Wednesday. Lim Swee Huat, 66, was also banned from driving for two years over the Aug 6, 2012 accident in Yishun, reports The Straits Times.He pleaded guilty to causing grievous hurt to Madam Thangaraj Mahalakshmi, 52, a production operator, and Mr Toh Eng Lay, 55, by a negligent act that had put lives at risk. He also admitted to causing hurt to Mr Ng Yeo Hock, 69, a newspaper vendor, and Madam Seah Peck Hong, 63.

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