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Commentary: Josephine Teo Allegedly Stressed Until Cannot Speak Properly

Due to the outbreak of Covid19 in many foreign worker dormitories, the Minister of Manpower (MOM) Josephine Teo has been in the spotlight. At many press conferences where she had to address various issues relating to the high incidence of migrant workers infection, her most frequently-uttered word is none other than “dormitory” (ies). Josephine Teo's pronunciation of the biggest keyword in Singapore’s Covid-19 vocabulary today could have been off-key — and often, distractingly inconsistent. In the case of Josephine Teo, her pronunciation of “dormitory” may have strayed from habit due to the great stress the D word has put upon the nation and her. Confronting or uttering it could even be upsetting.

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With regard to blogger Roy Ngerng’s recent legal episode, it is important for us to understand that Singapore courts have a genuine cause for thwarting the abuse of the constitutional right to freedom of speech (“Blogger Roy Ngerng found to have defamed PM Lee”; last Saturday). If we were to allow anyone to write, post or publish unsubstantiated, inflammatory and disparaging comments about someone else, Singapore’s social stability could be greatly compromised.

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