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Poh Seng Song Accused Of Being Whistleblower Who Leaked WhatsApp Message

In a blow to local sporting arena, the state media reported that Singapore Athletics (SA) had banned Poh Seng Song from holding any office position within the jurisdiction of SA and/or its affiliates for two terms. Poh Seng Song was slapped with this ban after a Board of Inquiry (BOI) convened by SA allegedly concluded that he was “very likely” the person who had leaked a WhatsApp message the current Honorary Secretary, Eric Song, had made about national pole vaulter Rachel Yang and her coach/husband David Yeo.

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SNOC Acts In Petty Manner, Refuse To Select SG’s Marathon Champion Cos He Spoke Out Against Them

To put things in perspective, Soh is the indisputable marathon and long distance running champion in South East Asia, and he himself was solely responsible for 50% of Singapore's track and field’s gold haul at the 2017 Games. And it is most likely that if Soh was taking part in the Games this year, Singapore would have been guaranteed at least one gold medal already. He is that good.

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A physiotherapist told me I might have a torn plantar fascia in my left foot. As early as 5km into the race, while going down a steep hill, I felt like someone had stabbed a knife through my left heel. If it was any other race, I would have dropped out immediately. But this was the world championships. I was wearing the red and white of Singapore. When you're at a major games for your country, you're not allowed to drop out - that's my philosophy.

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