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Commentary: Normality Is Finally Back Somewhat!

This sudden lifting of restrictions is nothing short of a bright streak of sunlight breaking through this storm of doom and gloom. I beg of you people to practice whatever it takes to restore our signature brand of lukewarm peace. Before I go, I should warn you of this: The sudden re-opening of every bit of business and recreation will be overwhelming. There has never been any precedent of such a thing happening apart from war or shortage. I wouldn't blame you if you'd explode and run around your favourite spot. But tone down the excitement a little bit. At least enough to remember "One arm's length away from people". Or was it 2 ?

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PAP MPs Still Not Practicing Social Distancing In Their Walkabouts

It is alarming when a video clip of PM Lee himself circulating hand sanitizer to a group crowding around him. Where was safe-distancing in this case even though he has to be more visible to the public at the time when the GE maybe upon us? Remember, this safe distancing thing has been preached by the Government themselves, yet here was the leader going around happily disregarding his own Government's sound advice.

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Government Calls For Social Distancing, But Schools Still Not Closed

This also comes across as the government's conceited arrogance through its total disregard for how students and teachers will have to travel in crowded public transport to make their way to and from schools, and also while they are in school. Is this not a contradiction of the government's call for social distancing?

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