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Covid19: Ho Ching Tells Sinkies to Stop Yelping Like A Spoilt Kid!

After admitting that the 4G leadership made mistakes in handling the Covid19 situation, she now turns her aim at Singaporeans to scold them for complaining about NTUC service fees for online delivery. Ho Ching still has the cheek to ask people who "wishes to have delivery for free, to please step up and volunteer to do delivery for the rest of us." She goes on to tell them to "stop yelping like a spoilt kid wanting more and more without putting in any effort to help others."

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Sinkies are a joke

Let me explain, let me explain. I know you are unhappy when I say that. Calling you Sinkies is already bad enough. Now calling you a joke, sure tak boleh tahan. But come on, the facts speak for itself. You can only be a Sinkie to be a joke. Or you can be a Sinkie and you can be a joke at the same time. Ok, Ok, hear me ok? You protest and protest against the 6.9m PWP. So what? Your elected govt and elected representative say anything? Did they even bother to say, yes I hear you, but…, but…, but…? No. They simply ignore you and go ahead with the 6.9m. What can you do?

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