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In SingFirst's social safety net announced in February this year, we have provided for Scandinavian style welfare benefits to encourage childbirth such as 90% subsidies on childcare centre fee and child allowances of $300 per month for children up to age 12. In addition, we also proposed a range of other benefits for families by lowering the cost of living such as waiver of all fees from primary one to university, 30% reduction in public transport fares and old age pension of $300 per month for all senior citizens aged 60 and above. The total package costs only $6 billion a year and it can be financed from the investment return of around $8 billion that the government is allowed to use for annual budget spending. There is absolutely no need to raise the GST at all, much less to up it to 20%.

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In an update yesterday on the Singaporeans First Party (SingFirst) website, SingFirst informed its supporters that it had conducted walkabouts in 6 wards in Marine Parade and Tampines GRC in preparation for upcoming elections - which are expected anytime soon with the impending release of the Electoral Boundaries Commission.

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I find the whole saga of “managing Amos” baffling. First, months ago, Amo's mother told the court that Amos was assessed on 2 separate occasions before the trial began, by IMH psychiatrist(s). Weeks later in court, when he rejected probation, he was remanded in prison for 3 weeks to assess his suitability for RTC. What was the diagnosis given to Amos by the team of psychiatrists and psychologists who assessed him? Did they agree with Dr Winslow that Amos has ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder)? Was their report tendered in court yesterday (23 June 2015)?

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10 things YOU should know about Tan Jee Say's SFP

Yesterday, former Presidential Candidate Tan Jee Say announced the formation of a new Political Party in Singapore called Singaporeans First. This has been met with mixed reactions and many misunderstandings, some call the name of the Party a xenophobic and populist one. Others even came up with theory that Tan Jee Say was a mole from the PAP who formed the Party instead of joining an already existing one to dilute the non-PAP votes, the presence of former government servants and YPAP members also furthers strengthens this theory.

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Singapore does not need Tan Jee Say's right-wing xenophobic party

First of all, I just want to state that I’m a neutral and am happy to vote for an opposition party if it is able to provide good and credible candidates to represent Singaporeans. At first glance, it appears that Mr Tan Jee Say’s new party, Singaporeans First, has some impressive candidates with very good resume. However, I’m not very comfortable with its xenophobic stand by putting Singaporeans First and ignoring the contributions of foreigners to Singapore. Let’s face it, we need foreigners. Singaporeans are not producing enough to support our economy.

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Ex-SPH Journalist Bertha Henson: Tan Jee Say's SFP comprises of PAP-grown clones with anti-PAP brains

I met Mr Tan Jee Say many moons ago when he was still serving in the Prime Minister’s Office. Like any good reporter hoping to establish a “contact”, I invited him out to lunch. He picked a really, really expensive place, way beyond my means and I wondered if my boss would approve of me putting up the lunch tab as an expense. I am really sorry but that was my most vivid initial recollection of the man who panicked a poor rookie reporter.

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